Dear visitor,

We ask you to please bear with us as we are in the process of constructing a brand new website! Mr. Lipkind has more than 70000 followers and subscribers on the various networks. As is the case for many artists nowadays, a static website just isn't very useful anymore; the information tends to get outdated very fast and needs to be re-entered multiple times on all the different platforms in order for everyone to be informed.

Soon this website will be replaced with a new site that promises a much better (dynamic) integration. It will be updated daily from various sources and Gavriel Lipkind himself will be able to easily reach out to his audience with frequent posts, personal comments, and important news.

In the meantime, please contact Mr. Michael Dinerchtein at michael@lipkind.org for a current concert schedule.

Here is a short list of selected projects:

November 2017

Recording for WARNER CLASSIC
Mieczyslaw Weinberg · Cello Concerto

Maestro Jacek Kaspszyk
Warshaw Philharmonic Orchestra

October 2017

World Premiere performance
David Lang · World to come

Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
Vilnius Congress Concert Hall

August 2017

Zutphen Cello Festival
Teaching and Performing
program in cludes a solo recital, chamber music, Tavener's 'Svyati' for cello and Choire, and joining the Cello Biennale Band

July 2017

Video production of Bach Suites